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1982 Roma 85th I.O.C. Session Grand Gala Gymnastic 55x70mm

Ρώμη 1982 85η σύνοδος Δ.Ο.Ε. Grand Gala Γυμναστικής 55x70mm

1985 Berlin 90nth I.O.C. Session bronze commemorative medal.

90η Σύνοδος Δ.Ε.Θ. Βερολίνο 1985 χάλκινο αναμνηστικό μετάλλιο.

Olympic Games and I.O.C. Badges

1924 Paris Olimpics I.O.C. Badge

1952 Helsinki Olympics I.O.C. Badge

1964 Inssbruck Olympics I.O.C. Badges

1972 Munich Olympics I.O.C. Badges

1976 Innsbruck Olympics I.O.C Badges

80th I.O.C. Session 1978 Athens

112th I.O.C. Session 2001 Moscow

108 ioc cio Session Badge Lausanne 1999

2003 Prague 115 Session IOC

1936 Berlin Olympics I.O.C. Badge

1952 Oslo Olympics I.O.C. Badges

1956 Melbourne Olympics I.O.C. Badge

1968 Grenoble Olympics I.O.C Badges

79th I.O.C. Session Prague 1977

1984 Los Angeles Olympics I.O.C. session Badge

95th I.O.C. Session 1989 Puerto Rico

1976 I.O.C. Session Barcelona

2008 Beijing Olympics I.O.C. Badges

1984 Sarajevo Olympics I.O.C. Badge

1948 London Olympics I.O.C. Badge

1960 Roma Olympics I.O.C Badges

1968 Mexico Olympics I.O.C. Badge

104 IOC Session Budapest 1995

77th I.O.C. Session Inssbruck

96th I.O.C. Session Badge Tokyo 1990

2004 Athens Olympics I.O.C. Badge

1956 Cortina Olympics I.O.C. Badge

2014 Sochi Olympics I.O.C. Badge

1964 Tokyo Olympics I.O.C. Badge